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Jake Productions is today’s benchmark for Production Servicing in both France and Monaco.

For over 15 years, our uncompromising standards, wealth of experience and ability to overdeliver have kept us streets ahead of our local rivals and firmly aligned with the very best in the world.

We are the natural choice for British and American Productions, not simply because we share a common mother-tongue, but because we speak the same language.

We perfectly understand the differing expectations of our Film, TV, Fashion & Advertising clients, which is why we created tailored divisions to cater for each of them.

We embrace creativity and innovation.

We are proud to have been the first to successfully complete a global advertising Film and Print shoot with zero plastic waste. We were the first (and possibly only) to buy our own PCR testing machines during the COVID outbreak.

Today, we passionately support Production Sustainability and are at the forefront of its development in this country.

Movies and TV Shows

John Bernard


phone: +33 6 09 45 62 62

TV Commercials & Stills

Xavier Wakefield


phone: +33 6 83 40 73 24